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Why Practice with a Sangha?

here are some reasons shared by Plumline practitioners

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‘’If you are without a Sangha, you lose your practice very soon.’’ — Thich Nhat Hanh


Breathe, Learn & Share

"The World Interbeing online sangha has given me a 'new' regular sangha to sit, breathe, learn, and share with. I used to go to an in-person local sangha regularly, but for some time now, my local sangha hours don't align well with my early work hours. So it meant a great deal to me to find the online sangha. It has revived and inspired my mindfulness practice, and given me a connection to, and mutual support with, practitioners across the world. It has helped me to keep studying Thay's teachings, and reflecting on, and practicing them in my life. 

It also reduces my carbon footprint because I don't have to drive anywhere, which also saves time. When I have felt a little sick or tired, I could still attend the online sangha, which may not have happened if I had to drive, or if I was worried about spreading germs. 

The online sangha has given me a sangha again, one more place to come home to myself, in community. It nurtures me and gives me peace, compassion, strength, and courage for going back out into the world and supporting others. I am very grateful for this resource

- Beth practices with World Interbeing



Taking Refuge

"I am a Mum with 2 young children so I have not been able to join a sangha in the physical sense. However, I was fortunate enough to join the Plumline Heart Sangha about a year ago and was accepted with such a warm welcome. It means so much for me to take some time out, away from the busyness of everyday life and meet with friends to dharma share, listen to dharma talks and songs and study the sutras. Not only do I take refuge in the Sangha each Thursday night, but their wisdom continues to guide me throughout the week. I am very grateful for the conditions that led me to my sangha."

- Rebecca practices with Heart Sangha



Support & Guidance

"I belong to two online sanghas and am very grateful that they exist.  I have a chronic illness and am not able to travel to the Plum Village practice centres or sanghas.  With the online sanghas I can practice from home and still have the support and guidance of other practitioners.  My life and my practice have been greatly enriched as a result of these connections."

- Heather practices with Flower Fresh and Heart Sangha



I am Home

"Since attending two of Thay's US retreats, I have been unable to find any in-person Sanghas within easy driving distance. I have contacted several that have been listed on the Plum Village website, but either no one replies or they tell me the Sangha no longer meets. Recently, I moved to Alabama, but again, no active nearby Sangha. I joined a local meditation group, but while they are very nice, I still missed Thay's teachings. On a whim, I checked on the Plum Village website, again, and found a link to -  and then World Interbeing Sangha. Now I have a wonderful online community. I have arrived. I am home."

- Tammy practices with World Interbeing